10 Fun & Easy Ways to Relax with Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures are one of the best, fastest and easiest stress management tools! They soothe mind, body and spirit and are easily accessible to most everyone. Special occasions receive much attention; however, most of our lives are lived in the days in between. Learn to make those days special as well by adding simple pleasures/treats throughout the day to look forward to with anticipation. Below you will find ten fun and easy ways to relax and pamper with simple pleasures:

1. Wind Chimes — Soothing sounds such as wind chimes are great for enhancing a relaxing atmosphere.

2. Fountains — Creating a tranquil environment is so important in stress management and fountains have the added benefit of blocking unwanted noise.

3. Fish Tanks — Watching the fish gliding gently through the water is very relaxing, as long as cleaning them doesn’t stress you! If so, it is possible to hire a service to do the cleaning for you.

4. Flames (Fireplace, Fire Pit or Candlelight) — Watching a flame has a very calming effect on mind, body and spirit and adds an air of romance and pampering to any environment.

5. Stress Relief Toys — Learning to laugh more and have fun are important keys to relieving stress. For a large selection of great stress relief toys visit: http://www.officeplayground.com/stressreliever.html

6. Relaxation Themed Card Decks — Self-Nurturing (taking better care of and treating yourself) is an important concept in stress management. Amazon.com has a great selection of card decks and books on relaxing and pampering subjects such as meditation, relaxation, inner peace, perfect calm and self-care as well a spa treatments.

7. Relaxing Music CD’s – Listening to relaxing music, a form of music therapy, is especially great while commuting! Caution: relaxing music CD’s are fine for this purpose; however, never listen to guided imagery or guided meditation CD’s while driving.

8. A Favorite Magazine — Taking time out for yourself, slowing down and browsing through your favorite magazine is one of life’s simple pleasures. Try Real Simple Magazine for some great relaxing, simplifying and organizing ideas: www.realsimple.com

9. Crossword Puzzles — If you are feeling stressed, removing focus from the issue at hand and focusing your attention on a crossword puzzle can help you feel more centered and calm.

10. A Staycation — When you have no time for travel, why not try a staycation? Staying at home for a mini-vacation can be very relaxing and money saving as well. Fill your staycation with things that you enjoy and that relax, pamper and soothe you.