A Positive Approach to New Year’s Resolutions: Setting New Year’s Intentions

Many of us begin our new year with resolutions. These resolutions are usually about a behavior or circumstance that we want to change. This year, instead of focusing on something negative you want to change, choose to set forth positive intentions for things you desire in the coming year. Its fun, easy and highly effective . . . here’s how:

1. Get comfortable in an area where it’s not likely you will be disturbed.

2. Take a blank notebook and at the top of a page write “My New Year’s Intentions for 2014” . . . under the main heading make four sub-headings entitled:

“My Intentions for My Body”
“My Intentions for My Relationships”
“My Intentions for My Home”
“My Intentions for My Career”

(Feel free to add or change these categories to better suit your individual needs.)

3. Now write a description for each category of exactly how you want that area of your life to be in the coming year. Be sure to have fun with this exercise, keeping your statements general and flowing easily from you.

4. When you are finished your descriptions, it’s time for the visualization portion of this exercise. Beginning with the first category, sit back, relax and start to daydream about that area of your life. In each area, be sure to make the vision as real as possible, adding sensory detail and creating a positive feeling about that subject. Generating the positive feeling is key.

For your body, imagine it in perfect health and looking just the way you want it to look.

For your relationships, envision the most significant person in your life and see your relationship as you want it to be. Think about how much you appreciate this person and imagine enjoyable experiences with them. Do this for any relationships you choose.

Regarding your home, imagine it as you desire it to be – clean, organized, beautifully decorated – whatever you like.

Finally, for your career, envision yourself successful in your current career, receiving a promotion, changing to a more rewarding career, helping others, doing what you love, whatever speaks to you personally.

Be sure to take pleasure from your visualizations and remain in each vision until you are feeling happy and refreshed about that subject. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to do this exercise. The important thing is that you choose the areas of your life that are most important to you, bring to mind positive images on those subjects and evoke a good feeling from each vision. It’s a good idea to do some type of relaxation exercise like deep breathing or a short meditation CD before beginning your new year’s intention session. You will be amazed at the transformative power that this type of positive thinking and intention setting can have in your life!