Guided Imagery

Wellness Through Visualization

Guided Imagery is a simple, gentle yet powerful technique in which the client focuses and directs their imagination for a desired result. Guided Imagery is much more than basic visualization because it uses not only the visual sense, but seeks to engage all of the senses and uses the extremely powerful connection between the mind and body.

Over the past 25 years, the effectiveness of Guided Imagery has been well established by research findings which demonstrate its incredibly positive impact on stress, wellness, healing and performance. Guided Imagery is easy to learn and with practice the technique becomes easier and more effective over time. Guided Imagery is now available in many hospitals throughout the United States.

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Guided Imagery Gets Respect

At Tranquility Bay, we offer two types of Guided Imagery . . .

  • Guided Imagery for Relaxation — Guided Imagery for Relaxation is included in all of our Relaxation Therapy sessions and is used for relaxation, stress management, tension reduction and positive focus.
  • Therapeutic Guided Imagery – Therapeutic Guided Imagery is offered in separate Therapeutic Guided Imagery sessions and is completely individualized based on each client’s specific needs. This type of imagery is used as a complementary therapy for healing from illness and for behavioral changes.  (examples below)

– Pain Management (Including Headaches)

– Infertility

– Low Self-Esteem

– Fear

– Insomnia

– Weight Loss

– Smoking Cessation

– Preparation for Surgical & Other Procedures

– Cancer

– Heart Disease

– Diabetes


– Allergies

– Many Other Illnesses

– Increasing Skill & Performance

– Realization of Goals/Bringing About Change (Creative Visualization)

Almost anyone can use Guided Imagery and it works extremely well for children. Although it is sometimes considered a type of meditation, it is much easier for most people to learn than traditional meditation because it requires much less discipline and time to develop the skill. It is fun to do because of the relaxing effect it produces as well as the appealing sensory images involved.

In addition, because it produces a natural trance state, it can also be considered a form of hypnosis/hypnotherapy. When used for relaxation and stress reduction, it may reduce or even eliminate the need for pharmaceutical intervention making it a more safe, natural stress management alternative.

One of Guided Imagery’s most important benefits is that it gives some control back to the client/patient by empowering them to help their body to heal and/or relax. For more information on how Tranquility Bay Guided Imagery sessions can help you, call us at (410) 544-9127.