Learning to Self-Nurture . . . It’s Not Selfish; It’s Essential!

Many associate the month of February with love. Although we typically think of it in terms of Valentine’s Day and romantic love, it’s also a great time to think about self-nurturing and learning to love and take better care of yourself. Some people misunderstand the term self-nurturing and mistakenly believe that this type of behavior is selfish. To the contrary, learning to self-nurture is truly essential to living a happy as well as healthy life. Shileen Nixon of The Wonder Woman Challenge defines self-nurturing as:

“Cherishing one’s self that is unique to his/her nature or personality by pursuing his/her own individual interests and pleasures for the purpose of finding and maintaining his/her joy in order to give from a full cup.”

Through living our daily lives and taking care of those we love, many of us begin to put ourselves at the bottom of our own priority list. Doing so is a recipe for disaster and can result in burnout, exhaustion, resentment and illness. By learning to take better care of and nurture ourselves, we actually have more love and energy to give to others, so everyone benefits.

Try these simple ideas to begin self-nurturing:

1. Let go of self-criticism and begin to develop a loving and supportive inner dialogue.

2. Learn to create healthy boundaries and to say no when necessary.

3. Include activities that bring you joy each day including simple pleasures such as your favorite coffee or tea, bubble baths, walks in nature, gardening, cooking or other hobbies you enjoy and an occasional pampering treat like a massage or night out with friends.

4. Develop self-care practices that promote health and wellbeing such as getting enough sleep, exercising, drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet.

5. Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and meditation to reduce stress and keep you calm and centered.

To learn more about The Wonder Woman Challenge, visit www.shileennixon.com.