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For most, physical wellness is the aspect of ourselves that first comes to mind when we think of good health. The health and healing of our physical bodies can be greatly enhanced by practicing a balanced self-care program as well as by broadening our understanding of wellness to include all areas of the self (mind, body emotions, spirit and environment). Our Tranquility Bay “Wellness 101” Course (detailed description below) can help you do just that. In addition to the full course, we also offer individualized Wellness Coaching and Joy-Based Counseling sessions to help you meet your personal wellness goals. During these sessions, you will receive education and guidance on such topics as sleep, nutrition, hydration, detoxification, relaxation, exercise, allergy treatment, coping skills, positive thinking, self-nurturing, weight loss, self-esteem, behavior modification and more. In addition to numerous certifications in the wellness field, I have first-hand knowledge of recovery from and coping with serious illness which I have found to be invaluable in assisting my clients with healing and/or developing healthier lifestyles.

Tranquility Bay Physical Health and Wellness Courses, Products & Services

New! Tranquility Bay “Developing a Wellness Lifestyle” Healthy Living Course (Five Individual Sessions, $50 Per Session)

What is wellness? Wellness is much more than the health of your physical body. True wellness is paying attention to what we put into our minds, bodies and spirits as well as what we put into the world around us. The Tranquility Bay “Developing a Wellness Lifestyle” Healthy Living Course is fun, affordable and will teach you practical, valuable skills to help you develop a healthier lifestyle and start living the happier, healthier life you want today!

Tranquility Bay “Developing a Wellness Lifestyle” Healthy Living Course:

  • Session 1 – Relaxation (Learn the Essential Relaxation Techniques)
  • Session 2 – Mind (Develop a More Positive Focus)
  • Session 3 – Body (Establish Healthier Self-Care Practices)
  • Session 4 – Spirit (Discover the Importance of Nurturing Your Soul)
  • Session 5 – Environment (Create a Safer Personal Environment)

NOTE: Although “Developing a Wellness Lifestyle” Healthy Living Course is currently offered as a local course only, we hope to have an E-book or E-Course version available in 2011. Thanks so much for your inquiries!

“Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss” E-book Coming Soon!!

As the Greek Poet Hermesianax once wrote, “As within, so without.” This E-book will teach you a completely new way of looking at the subject of weight loss and the incredibly important role inner transformation and thought play in achieving your weight, health and wellness goals. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to receive notification when new publications become available!

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