The Healing Benefits of Positivity

As a Relaxation Therapist, Certified Stress Management Specialist and Certified Wellness Coach, I have witnessed first-hand the incredible healing benefits of positivity! Again and again, I have seen the amazing results that cultivating positivity and reducing stress have played in the lives of my clients as well as in my own personal recovery from severe illness. There is a very strong mind-body connection and thinking positively can boost healing just as thinking negatively can inhibit healing. Developing a positive focus has the ability to create many important changes in the body such as lowering blood pressure and reducing stress hormone production which can help enable healing.

One particular client came to me with a detached retina and had been through a number of surgeries in an attempt to repair the retina and restore her vision. Her other retina was also beginning to detach, so she was facing the possibility of total blindness. Understandably, the trauma from all of the surgeries had taken a toll on her mind and body. Her stress level was very high causing increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and an increase in chemicals in the body that were actually working against her, inhibiting her healing.

I began to work with her; teaching her simple exercises like deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation to relax her body. We worked together with guided imagery and visualization exercises to calm her mind and I coached her on ways to develop a positive focus using tools such as positive affirmations, self-nurturing and basic meditation (prescribed for 10-15 minutes daily).

In just a few short weeks the results were astounding! Her doctors were amazed at how her blood pressure was down and how much more calm and relaxed she seemed. Her vision in the eye with the detached retina had even improved without surgery. This was due to the reduction of certain neurotransmitter levels which increase during stress that had been inhibiting blood flow to her Optic Nerve. These changes put her in the perfect position for the next surgery which was a success! In addition to helping her heal, I had taught her invaluable skills that can help all of us live happier, healthier lives.