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The purpose of life is joy! Nurturing and connecting with our souls is one of the most important, yet many times overlooked, aspects of true wellness. Our degree of emotional happiness is directly related to our body’s ability to heal and to maintain good health. Therefore, achieving balance in all aspects of life is an important key to living our happiest and healthiest as well as to allowing our greatest hopes, dreams and desires to unfold. When we self-nurture — strive for balance, make ourselves a priority and spend time in uplifting pursuits – we are not being selfish! To the contrary, when we thrive we have more energy for ourselves and our loved ones. By engaging in activities that lift our spirits (sometimes called “following your bliss”), we connect with our authenticity and unlock our true creativity and power. During these times when we are in alignment with who we really are – our unique, higher self or soul – it is important to listen to our intuition, those inner nudges, as they point us in the right direction. At Tranquility Bay, we offer Relaxation Therapy, Wellness Coaching and Joy-Based Counseling to help you connect more deeply with your authentic self and learn to nurture your soul. We educate clients in practical skills that will help them to achieve more balance, health and happiness in their lives.

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This E-Book Includes 10 uplifting ideas for promoting a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing each and everyday!

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