Tranquility Bay Decluttering and Organization

Excess clutter and disorganization has the ability to create a tremendous amount of stress in a person’s life. As a Certified Stress Management Specialist as well as a Certified Home Staging Consultant, I will give you expert advice on simplifying, organizing and decluttering your home with easy, effective processes that will help you eliminate clutter and reduce stress as well as give you greater peace of mind.

Home Therapy Session:  Creating Calming Interiors  – The 7 Simple Steps

(One, Individual 1-Hour Session  $50.00)

The focus of this session is on creating a safer, more relaxing haven from the hectic world in your home using our 7 simple steps for creating a calming, more livable space.  Includes information on decluttering and organization.

Download your copy of the Tranquility Bay Decluttering Guide below:

“Declutter with Ease – Simple Solutions for Greater Serenity” by Terri Marshall

In this guide, I highlight several simple solutions to assist you in decluttering your home for great serenity and peace of mind.


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Declutter for a Good Cause!

Many items including clothing, accessories, household items and even furnishings that are creating excess clutter for you, may be exactly what someone else really needs. Instead of holding onto things you no longer need or throwing them out, promote a cycle of goodwill by donating them. Giving items away is a great way to simplify your life, feel good about yourself, receive a tax deduction and be green! You can donate items to charitable organizations in your area such as The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Value Village, etc. or check out the great organizations listed below online:

Dress for Success: This organization helps disadvantaged women around the world who are interviewing for jobs by giving them gently-worn, professional outfits, shoes and accessories. (  Baltimore Dress for Success:  528 E 22nd Street, Baltimore, MD 21218,  Telephone:  (410) 493-6395

Soles4Souls: This group distributes old shoes to those in need in more than 40 countries around the world. (

Nike Reuse-A-Shoe: Nike Corporation has a great recycling program. They turn old sneakers into basketball courts, tennis courts and other play surfaces. Cool idea, huh? (

Excess Access: This group matches donations of household items with non-profits that need them. (

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