Tranquility Bay Decorating Consultations

  • Tranquility Bay Interior Decorating Consultations

(2 Hours, In-Home, $65.00 Per Hour)

Receive inspiration and guidance for creating a beautiful, calming, comfortable and safe environment in your home. Our Home Therapy Decorating Consultations include decorating assistance with color, style, furniture placement, accessorizing and more.

Our decorating consultations are similar to “staging for living” because the client is remaining in vs. selling their home. This is a simpler, more affordable approach to decorating than traditional interior design. Our approach is unique in that we incorporate stress management and relaxation into our designs. Using the right colors, lighting, flow and materials can create a calming, comfortable and low maintenance space for your family to enjoy.

After touring your home, we will discuss creative options for using what you already own in new and different ways, as well as ideas for additions that will update and beautify your space. Unlike Interior Redesign, which is typically done in one day, Home Therapy allows you to create a beautiful as well as relaxing environment in your home at your own pace.   I will help you with choosing style, color,  furniture placement, accessories and much more.  If you prefer, advice and assistance can easily be given over a period of time, room by room, so the process does not become overly stressful or overwhelming to your household or your budget.   Shopping assistance is available upon request.   (Additional Interior Decorating Consultations $65.00 per hour)

A beautiful, calming environment can be very therapeutic!

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Psychology Today Article Excerpt (March 30, 2008): Sunlight Reduces Stress and Helps Patients Recover . . .

“Patients in recovery rooms full of natural light take less pain medication and, days after surgery, they report lower stress levels. Their hastened healing may be due to sunlight’s ability to stimulate serotonin production, which helps regulate mood, sleep and sex drive.”

Coming Soon!

“Tranquility Bay Home Therapy – Creating Calming Interiors”

by Terri Marshall

Our upcoming QuickGuide “Creating Calming Interiors” will provide expert advice on creating a beautiful, calming, healthy haven from the hectic world in your home.   Stay tuned!