Healthy Environment

Green Living, Decluttering, Calming Interiors and Stress-Free Home Staging

Creating a healthy personal environment is an essential part of our overall health and happiness.  At Tranquility Bay, we offer products and information to assist our clients in creating healthier personal environments through education in green living practices, reducing environmental toxicity, decluttering for stress reduction, stress-free home staging and creating calming interiors.   For additional information on creating a healthier, more relaxing personal environment, please visit the links below.

Tranquility Bay Healthy Environment Products

Green Living

“Tranquility Bay Green Living Guide”


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Learn the low stress way to go Green from a Green Living Consultant and Certified Stress Management Specialist. In this guide, you will learn simple choices you can make to help you and your family live a greener, healthier lifestyle as well as eco-friendly choices to reduce your impact on the environment as a whole. Part One includes ten great choices to create a greener lifestyle and Part Two includes ten important ways that you can reduce toxicity in your personal environment. For additional Green Living information, visit our Green Living Page here.

Decluttering & Organization

“Declutter with Ease – Simple Solutions for Greater Serenity”


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This guide includes nine great tips for reducing clutter in your life and achieving a more relaxing, serene personal environment.

For additional Decluttering & Organization information, visit our Decluttering & Organization Page here.

Stress-Free Home Staging

“Tranquility Bay Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Home Staging”


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This guide provides simple, step-by-step instructions for the 10 essential steps in effective home staging — five essential preparation steps and five essential staging steps — to assist you in selling your home faster, easier and for the best price possible. Please call or email us if you would like to set up an in-home staging consultation. For additional home staging information, please visit our Stress-Free Home Staging page here.

Calming Interiors

Coming Soon: “Creating Calming Interiors” Quick Guide

The focus of this guide will be creating a safer, more relaxing home environment using our seven simple steps. For additional Calming Interiors information, please visit our Calming Interiors Page here.

Healthy Environment Articles & Information