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Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss
A Gentler Way to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

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Many traditional weight loss programs focus on diet and exercise alone and, unfortunately, using that approach, most people lose the weight only to gain it back again and again. Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss is a completely different, gentler approach to weight loss that utilizes the powerful Mind-Body Connection and the principle of Self-Nurturing. Using this approach, we work with you on an individual basis, taking into consideration the whole person including your emotional wellbeing, patterns of thought, beliefs, health and happiness. We emphasize the importance of letting go of self-criticism and assist you in learning to feel good now. This is so important because all true, lasting change comes from within. In our weight loss sessions, you’ll learn simple, practical skills which are easily incorporated into everyday life to help you attain your weight loss goals while also developing an overall healthier lifestyle. In addition, we will be there to provide support and coach you along the way. Please call or email us for additional information or to schedule a Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss Coaching session today.

Tranquility Bay Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss Products and Services

Individualized Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss Coaching . . . . . . . . . . . . . $50.00 Per 1-Hour Session

This program includes an average of 10 weekly individualized 1-Hour Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss Coaching Sessions. The number of sessions required is based on individual need and may vary. We also offer optional Style Coaching including closet editing and personal shopping assistance.

Our Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss Coaching Program covers a variety of topics including:

  • Creating a wellness lifestyle for health and happiness in addition to losing weight
  • Letting go of self-criticism and cultivating self love
  • Developing a positive body image
  • Dressing your body to its best advantage now
  • Learning to Relax (Relaxation techniques, stress and it’s connection to weight gain)
  • Consciously practicing gratitude and appreciation
  • Learning to think positively and control worry
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet and the importance of hydration
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Learning the connection between sleep, exercise, toxicity and weight loss
  • Self-nurturing to enhance health and happiness
  • Meditating and becoming more mindful
  • Visualizing and utilizing your imagination with guided imagery
  • Learning to let go and allow positive change . . . and more!

Additional sessions available.

“Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss” Ebook by Terri Marshall

Our Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss E-book is based on our 10-Week Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss Program – Coming Soon!

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