Wellness Coaching/Personal Life Coaching


It has been said that wellness is paying attention to what we put into our minds, bodies and spirits as well as what we put into the world around us. At Tranquility Bay we embrace this holistic philosophy and combine Life/Wellness Coaching and Self-Care Counseling with our Relaxation Therapy sessions to provide you with guidance, education & support for a healthier, happier you.

What is Wellness?
According to noted wellness expert Michael Arloski, “Wellness is everything about living well in a very conscious way. Wellness Coaching is about helping people to improve their lifestyle behavior. It is the application of the principles of professional life coaching to the goals of personal lifestyle improvement for higher levels of wellness.”

True wellness, as illustrated by Dr. Bill Hetler, M.D. (co-founder of the National Wellness Institute) in his Six Dimensions of Wellness model, encompasses many aspects of one’s life, including:

  • Physical (body)
  • Spiritual (spirit/soul)
  • Intellectual/Psychological (mind)
  • Social (relationships/play/relaxation)
  • Emotional (feelings/emotions)
  • Career (financial/work/budget)

I believe the following areas should be considered also . . . although they do overlap with the original six dimensions.

  • Environment (this area is discussed in much more depth in our Green Living Consultations)
  • Behavior (habits/time management)

Balance in these areas is key to true wellness. Think of a pie chart (referred to as The Wheel of Life) that has each of these areas as a segment. Your goal is to have the wheel balanced so that it will roll smoothly (ie. If you spend all of your time working on your career, your social life will suffer. Your finances may be great, but your physical body suffers, etc.) When you successfully balance these aspects of your life, you will find that you feel physically healthier and more energetic, have more fulfilling relationships and career as well as a greater sense of wellbeing and joy.

At Tranquility Bay we embrace this holistic wellness philosophy and combine Wellness Coaching on a wide range of topics with our Relaxation Therapy sessions. We will assist you in using a number of fun and effective tools, techniques and exercises to help you achieve your individual relaxation and wellness goals. Our goal is to provide you with the guidance, education and support you need to be a healthier, happier you!

Wellness Topics

Happiness & Positivity
We’ve all heard that some people tend to look at life optimistically with a “glass is half-full” approach. Others see life more pessimistically with the opposing “glass is half-empty” view.

Those who are optimistic live happier lives because they realize that happiness is not a “thing” to be acquired, but a choice you make for yourself each and every day. Read more

Self-nurturing is taking care of yourself. Many people put themselves at the bottom of their own list of priorities. The result is burnout, exhaustion and resentment. We are unable to be at our best if we don’t take time out for ourselves to rest, relax and renew.

Self-nurturing does not have to be difficult or overly time-consuming. Read more

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